With our 11:1 Student-Faculty ratio, our professors and students have a close bond, and itʼs not uncommon for faculty members to go above and beyond their duty. Want some guidance/help in your job hunt or for application to graduate school? Why not invite your Professors to coffee and tap on their extended network in the industry?

SUTDʼs hands-on pedagogy and compulsory year of hostel-living produce graduates who are independent, resourceful, and street-smart.

In todayʼs job market, these qualities are as important, if not more important than a graduate’s GPA. Apply these advantages to your career and stand out!

In a close-knitted community, the SUTD camaraderie spirit is very real. Graduating students often help each other succeed by sharing career resources, job openings, information and even testimonials. So rally your friends and create a positive network effect!

By joining our young university, our students embody the pioneering and can-do spirit – a virtue highly regarded by employers in todayʼs uncertain economy.

Talk up these qualities during your career interviews and land that dream job!

Out-of-classroom experiences are extremely valuable in CV and resume. Fortunately, SUTD students are exposed to opportunities like overseas internships, entrepreneurship support, competitions, and study missions to prestigious universities like University of California, Berkeley and Zhejiang University. Play it to your advantage. You are future-ready!

Digital transformation has ushered the world into the 4th industry revolution. SUTD was conceived with this in mind and it permeates our DNA.

Our focus on design and training you to be a tech leader places you at an inflection point ahead of the curve. The big career of your future may not even exist yet. Be a risk-taker and keep an open mind!

For the fourth consecutive year, our Graduate Employment Survey results show that SUTD graduates continue to be well sought-after by employers, enjoying high overall employment rates and starting salaries. Our Class of 2018 graduates enjoyed an increase in the median and mean gross monthly salaries, and overall employment rates!

This is a testament to our industry-ready, world-ready, future-ready curriculum. This puts our students ahead of the competition and gives you an upper hand in salary negotiation. Show (not tell) employers why you are different and negotiate for a higher salary.

With our graduates securing jobs in 78% of Singaporeʼs key industries, your skill sets are more transferable than you think! While having a career plan is important, keep an open mind and exercise some flexibility in your job hunt. There is always more than one route to get to your destination if you look hard enough. Plus, remember that career is a marathon, not a sprint, so pace yourself!

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