This is Richard Ulrich, my co-pilot, ride-provider, fellow engineer and friend. We met at the Hack4Climate hackathon in Bonn, Germany last year, where we built an Ethereum-powered seamless mobility solution for global travel. We billed it the Anti-Uber.

Richard juggles full-time life as a family man and a software engineer for a major CAD company. He’s an incredible guy who knows his stuff, especially in the fields of engineering, cryptocurrencies and the decentralised econony. As I understand, he gave his kids Bitcoin on their birthdays – those are some baller kids on the playground!

Richard bought his Tesla Model S a couple years ago WITH BITCOIN. In fact, some of the stickers and equipment we’re using for the WAVE Trophy are bought with Bitcoin! If that doesn’t prove the legitimacy of BTC as a form of usable currency, nothing will.

My expedition to the WAVE Trophy wouldn’t be possible at all without Richard. After parting as friends last year, it was he who reached out to me to join him on this incredible journey. I have him to thank for it, and you’ll get to see more of us on our incredible ride soon!

Richard’s decentralised blog.

Our shared decentralised blog.

If YOU care about building a better world for our future, you need to take action now. Consider joining an initiative, building something for the betterment of society, or just turn off the AC when you leave the room. Every little bit helps.


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