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Me Pitching at the UN Climate Change Conference COP23

Hi guys! Charles here. I’m a 4th-year ISTD student, automotive and software engineer! Looks like you chose to click on this article – welcome! Whether it’s because you have a passion for electric cars, future mobility or my incredible good looks, read on and find out more about The WAVE Trophy 2018!

The WAVE is an annual cross-country rally for electric vehicles! Owners, enthusiasts, and engineers from around Europe gather in Switzerland to make the spectacular 1200km drive across her alpine passes and sweeping country roads.

This is all in a bid to celebrate electric vehicles, raising awareness of their technology, viability, and sustainability as a mode of travel! Technology adoption is equal parts engineering prowess and advocacy, and this is a strong representation of both.

I’ll be present as a support engineer and co-pilot for our team, BTCRACING, proudly founded by my fellow pilot and friend, Richard Ulrich. Thanks to him, we’re driving a Tesla Model S across the lush landscapes of Switzerland, learning, speaking and sharing our way to an electric future. More on his incredible story next post.

This incredible adventure wouldn’t be possible without the support of the amazing folks at SUTD, the SUTD EV Club, and our logo sponsors WrapStyle Singapore.

Stay tuned for the next update, where I talk more about how I got involved in this incredible opportunity (RICHARD!!) and how you can get involved in sustainable initiatives!

If YOU care about building a better world for our future, you need to take action now. Consider joining an initiative, building something for the betterment of society, or just turn off the AC when you leave the room. Every little bit helps.

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