Week 4: User Experience (17 – 20 June)

This week, we dived deeper into User Experience. A brief summary of what we did for the week is as stated below

1: The Elements of UX
2: Sketching, design studio workshop
3: Tools for the trade, getting digital. How and why to prototype?
4: Presenting the assignment 1. Going beyond usability: visual design hacks, principles of motion design.
In summary, what we did this week has been pretty fruitful.
We learned about
– some of the things to take note of when we are designing for the User experience (like how should we go about testing etc) – how we should carry out user testing with our prototype and at each different iteration. For example, the first iteration is to validate the concept, the second iteration is to validate the user interface while the last iteration is to see how can we optimise the user experience
– narrow down and identify the tools we will use, and how we should use these digital tools like Adobe InDesign, XD
This week lesson was pretty useful. We got to learn new soft skills as well as understand the idea behind conducting different interviews for the different iterations. Honestly, the lesson flow isn’t that tedious. At least to me, i feel like I am on a holiday while learning some skills and gaining some new knowledge.
At the end of school week, we presented our own mini-project, where we apply Nielsen’s 10 heuristics for good usability to chosen Finnish companies. In this project, we were also tasked to do usability testing in semi-lab condition as well as hall way testing.

*Semi-lab condition simply means the way we position ourselves when we are testing the system or feature with the user. it consider factors like where should we place ourselves and key things to note of when conducting the interview.

End of school for the week, beginning of the weekend

With that, both of us looked forward to our weekend. We have booked ferry tickets to Tallinn, Estonia, and we spent our whole Saturday there. It was about a 2 hour ferry ride, and we spent our entire day in the old town. Tallinn is a beautiful place with more of a culture than Helsinki area. Attached below is a picture of us, having Estonia beef burger, just outside the old town. It was an enjoyable day trip.We ended the week wondering, where should we go next?
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