Ciao, I am Michael Lee, Sophomore in EPD.

Day 4.

Today is another long day of our hectic schedules. Everyday everyone starts off the day leaving hostel at 845am.  Obviously too early in my opinion.

Today lectures featured Thomas Howard, a master of all trades to come share all his Prototyping knowledge with us!

He said we need to first identify what kind of Product we are trying to bring into market and that correlates what kind of prototype we actually need to make to bring investors onto the ship. This falls under 3 Categories: “Market” , “Product” , “Production” .  If your product is of the technical nature, prototype needs to show it actually could work. If it of the market nature, you need to prove user behaviors would support and sustain the use of such an application.

In addition, there are in fact 5 different types of technical prototypes, all with their own purpose as a prototype. After all, what you require is to prove to the shareholders at the cheapest cost because you do not have resources like money yet.

  • Proof-Of-Concept Prototype
  • Form Study Prototype
  • User Experience Prototype
  • Visual Prototype
  • Functional Prototype

After the lectures, we then continued to do the long discussion with our teams. And there goes the day…. At a blink of the eye, its already 9pm and the administrative personnel are chasing our team out of the building because they need to retire for the night LOL.


Michael Lee

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