Taipei 101
Taipei 101

This week we explore iconic structures and get to know NTU better. It’s clubs day and we get to check out the things that NTU students do in their spare time.

This list is huge
This list is huge

I checked out a bunch of clubs. They have a coffee drinking club, a drinking club, music clubs, wing chun clubs, and so much more. It’s so huge I can’t mention them exhaustively. Most notable is the maker club at NTU. This means that there are makers at NTU, which means that I can build stuff in my spare time here. This implies that there’s a non-negligible probability that I may try to build my own DIY Rezz goggles in Taiwan. <3 Space Momma.

Shoutout to my NTU makers
Shoutout to my NTU makers
Rezz and her Goggles
Rezz and her Goggles, I wanna make that goggles.


We also managed to check out the starbucks at Taipei 101, it’s at the 35 floor and the view is amazing. Taipei 101 is an engineering masterpiece. We had some snacks at the Starbucks.

Taipei 101 Starbucks from level 35
Taipei 101 Starbucks from level 35

Food Highlights

Meal time is always an emotional rollercoaster. You don’t know what to expect. Food expectations is like raising a kid. Will the kid grow up to make you proud or disappoint you? You never know until the time comes. The most satisfying meal I had this week would have to be this:

Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice

Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice is just by Chiang-kai-shek Memorial Hall station. This is extremely value for money and insanely appetizing. I got some oily vegetables, braised tofu with duck egg, and the highlight, braised pork rice. I feel hungry as I write this. The braised pork is amazing, the fats melts in your mouth. The flavor of soy and spices in the tofu and duck egg was mouthwatering. I would definitely want to eat here again.


I am loving Taiwanese food. I will definitely need to wake up earlier one of these days to try the breakfast food. I’ll be headed to Jakarta on week 3 for AWS Hackdays, wish me luck!

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