This article first appeared in BTS Issue 2.

By Soh Jun Xian, Junior
Architecture and Sustainable Design

Internship at MOH Holdings

I interned at MOH Holdings and was attached to the Healthcare Infrastructure Projects Division (HIPD). The division supports the development and building of public healthcare infrastructure projects for future demands.

Within the division, I was assigned to the Architecture, Interior & Medical Planning (AIM) team that develops design guidelines and references to support the review, evaluation and execution of Singapore’s cost-effective public healthcare facilities, resulting in the delivery of quality and safe healthcare services.

I was drawn to the impact architecture has on the well-being of patients and the organisation provides me a good platform to do so. At MOH Holdings, the AIM team does extensive research on the latest healthcare architecture-related topics and trends. I was involved in the study of various materials and creation of drawings for the team.

Healthcare architecture is a complex and specialised study. Other than air circulation and workflow, the infrastructure design should also take into consideration the spatial requirements and special conditions for medical equipment and wards. I am lacking in this knowledge but I was able to assist the team after extensive research and studying the guidelines. However, the healthcare infrastructure scene is always changing to meet the different demands and learning never stops.

My colleagues at MOH Holdings were very friendly and willing to show me the ropes. My team also emphasised a lot on teamwork, having an open mind and active listening.

Although I was not directly involved in the designing of healthcare infrastructure, I was able to witness the process and work done from the perspective of the developer. I believe that this internship experience will help me become a more sensitive architect.

A welcome luncheon with the AIM team

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