This article first appeared in BTS Issue 3.

By Kenneth Ng Jun Yan, Senior (Class of 2020)
Information Systems Technology and Design

Internship at Shopee in Singapore

I was a Product Management intern at Shopee, where I worked on the underlying fraud architecture in Shopee’s platform. During my time at Shopee, I was in charge of revamping the OTP (One-Time Password) architecture, which significantly improved the platform’s security infrastructure.

My internship experience at Shopee was nothing short of amazing. Aside from the generous pantry, incredible facilities and lively events, the people were also friendly, patient and welcoming.










Grand opening of the Shopee building 

Employees at Shopee work hard and play hard. As an intern, I was given full autonomy in handling and making key decisions in projects. Being assigned to major projects made me feel that I was contributing significantly to the team.

Birthday celebrations with the other interns 

Unlike traditional software internship roles, a product manager approaches problems in a macro scale. Product managers require excellent communicative and people skills in order to relay information to other teams. This is especially critical in Shopee because of the complexity of the organisational structure. To become a well-versed product manager, one has to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the field, while maintaining the technical depth required for each field. I am thankful to SUTD for providing me with the relevant technical knowledge to be quickly familiar to with the organisational structure and pick up on technical jargon much faster than other newcomers.

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