This article first appeared in BTS Issue 2.

Spend a day in SUTD with Loo Jun Wen, an avid mountaineer, pastry chef and junior from the Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) pillar.

Rise and Shine
As the sunlight lifted my eyelids, the day started with a simple cup of coffee in my favourite tumbler and some peanut butter bread to eat along the way to class!

20.212 – Digital Design and Fabrication Lecture
Finishing my breakfast as I entered the lecture theatre, Prof. Stylianos Dritsas revealed the
brief for our upcoming project, to build a wind tower as high as possible using wood! My
bread almost took a u-turn back up my throat as being the first batch to ever embark on this, we aren’t sure if this 1:1 model we are making will actually stand! Excited yet intimidated, I gulped down my coffee and uncertainties.

Ripped my jeans but totally worth it for our wind tower

20.202 – Architectural Structure and Enclosure Design
To make sure our tower don’t end up like the one in Pisa, we were all intently following the
computation and simulation class taught by Prof. Sam Joyce, making sure our grades stand
as tall as our tower!

Lunch Break
Lunch at this hour is usually the most hectic but having my favourite laksa yong tau fu with
my ASD classmates and freshmore friends made the day less scary, knowing that we are
in this together.

20.222 – History, Theory and Culture (HTC) 2
We delve deep into the history of architecture, from the ancient Egyptian, Greek, Gothic,
Victorian, Bauhaus style all the way to Brutalism and modern architecture!

Dinner Break

Glacier-deep and snow-capped peaks at Siemienova Glacier Base Camp, Kyrgyzstan

Mountaineering Training
Whether we are training to scale the icy peaks in China/Kazakhstan or just keeping fit, our training ground stretches from the hostel stairs to SUTD’s state-of-the-art Sports Centre where the fitness corner and track are our usual hangouts!

Final term 5 crit session with more profs than my hours of sleep

Shower and Back to Studio to work on Core Studio!
Powered up from training and a refreshing shower, time to return to my Studio as Core
Studio work awaits with many more MOMA (Museum of Modern Arts) floor plans and
designs pending to be realised on paper and models. Gonna start working!

Turning in to rest for the next day which is hopefully filled with new ideas and a miracle to complete all my work!

Life at SUTD

  • President of SUTD Mountaineering Club – climbed five peaks and led three expeditions including Mt. Dafeng in Sichuan, Ong Teng Cheong and Ong Siew May Peaks in Kyrgyzstan as well as Mt. Rinjani in Lombok Indonesia.

  • Peer mentor and active member of SUTD Ambassadors.

  • Represented SUTD and emerged as the 1st runner up in Channel U’s Hey DJ competition.

  • Interned at SANDWICH, an arts and architecture studio by renowned artist, Kohei Nawa, based in Kyoto, Japan. Was part of the architecture team, working on the Familiar Flagship Store in Kobe, designing furniture, materiality and colour rendering of the restaurants, salons, café and main departmental store.
  • Led the design of the Chinatown CNY Lightup 2017 for the year of the Rooster, as well as workshops for Park(ing) Day 2016.

Pursuing my Passion

  • Founder and Pastry Chef of Baker.J, an online pastries platform.

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