This article first appeared in BTS Issue 3.

By Muhammad Faiz Bin Rahamat, Junior (Class of 2020)
Engineering Systems and Design

Internship at EY in Singapore

My summer internship was spent in EY’s Performance Improvement (Data and Analytics), a sub-service line under Advisory. Throughout my 16 weeks, I was part of a text analytics project team that had members within Singapore as well as beyond. Having never worked on a project of such scale, it was interesting to see different moving parts being developed across stages and progressively coming together to ensure our client deliverables were met.

For the most part, tasks assigned required proficiency in Python and Excel. Having tackled two industry projects in Terms 4 and 5 of the Engineering Systems and Design pillar, the challenges of handling and analysing large amounts of data were similar in some aspects. Nevertheless, portions of the work undertaken in the internship such as model deployment were more unfamiliar. Learning and applying new knowledge certainly made the internship experience a fruitful one.

There were many opportunities to participate in activities, such as inter-department games,
charity events, and even EY’s own internal data science competition and brown bag sessions. An interesting experience was joining the EY NextWave Data Science Competition that was open to students.

EY NextWave Data Science Competition 

It was both nerve-wrecking and fun to compete against my own peers from SUTD!

It is important to take a step back away from academics from time to time and taking up an internship is one way of doing so. I am grateful to my friends and colleagues who have helped me navigate my way both at work and in school.

Team building activity 

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