This article first appeared in BTS Issue 2.

By Chester Tan, Junior
Engineering Product Development

Internship at Dyson

In Dyson, I spent the 16 weeks in the Mechanical Design team where I focused on designing for mass manufacturing. I was incredibly privileged to work on three different
major projects that were in different stages of development. It is apparent how rapid
prototyping and testing are vital in design, and being in SUTD has allowed me to operate and use machines with little previous experience. Having a wide exposure to various fields also opened opportunities for me to apply my non-mechanical engineering knowledge and
expertise to influence mechanical design in real-world products.

Induction lecture with fellow SUTD interns

Dyson also allowed me to truly experience what it is like to work globally. I was able to work with our teams based in Malaysia which involved travelling to the site, and with the
UK teams over Skype meetings. I even had a one-week business trip with a design manager and some senior design engineers from the UK to prototype new products.

Designing a product for the market is a relentless process. We have to think about manufacturing considerations, profit margins, product claims, compliance, robustness tests – these are but a small palette that I have sampled during my internship in Dyson. It is safe to say that my summer internship has been a real eye-opener to the process after initial designs are created.

All interns coming together to celebrate ur last day of internship on 31 August
Lunch at Malaysia Development Center (MDC)

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