This article first appeared in BTS Issue 3.

By Keane Lim Teck Meng, Junior (Class of 2020)
Engineering Product Development

Internship at Cognitive FX in the United States of America

Everyone has had a knock to the head before. Some may be able to walk away fine, but others may struggle for years with concussion symptoms. Here at Cognitive FX their aim is to give patients back their lives.

Working behind the scenes, I worked closely with the patient care team and a software
development company on the design and wireframe of an app and website to improve the current system. On top of that I recommended various system improvements, from digitalising schedules to streamlining patient care processes.

I was thankful to be entrusted with the patients’ therapy sessions, as well as briefing patients on MRI scans so that therapists know the specific area to work on with them.

Patient about to do a functional Neuro Cognitive Imaging (fNCI)

Going to SUTD exposed me to design tools and thinking, allowing me to solve problems and present my solutions with clarity, avoiding miscommunications.

Overall the culture was the best part of the internship . Being an overseas internship, the
working environment was greatly different from Singapore’s.

Trying out Dynavision therapy

As an intern, I was able to communicate directly with my bosses and suggest improvements, or ask for clarifications that allowed immediate action.

Colleagues commended one another for having great ideas and provided support. They were generous with their compliments, and made you feel treasured and important.

Cognitive FX family 

As Brian Tracy said, “Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do”, and grab the opportunity you want.

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