This article first appeared in BTS Issue 2.

By Faith See, Sophomore
Information Systems Technology and Design

Internship at Unbabel

There are few things as challenging as interning in one of the world’s fastest-growing
companies. 11,775km from home, I learned far more than technical skills – I grew as a
human being too. From working on innovative, game-changing products to picking up a
new language (Portuguese), from surfing and bouldering to making friendships for life, it was an experience I will not soon forget.

Lisbon Machine Learning demo day

Unbabel empowers its customers to understand and be understood by theirs, providing a “Translation as a Service” solution for removing language barriers in customer communications over email, chat and FAQs. I worked with the Labs Product Team, to enhance existing products and develop the game-changing products of tomorrow.

Unbabel was more than just a company to work for. It’s a family of passionate, fun-loving and incredibly professional individuals who look out for one another. And they took me in as one of their own. I certainly did not feel like “just an intern” and it was incredible to work amongst friends on exciting projects. Everything was new, and everything was difficult, but I realised it was OK to be scared because it’s the only way to learn and grow.

Unbabel challenges the status quo of the translation industry and is on its way to global
greatness. I challenged the status quo of myself and realised I am capable of so much
more. What will you do to challenge yourself today?

Unbabel’s weekly surf lesson
We brought our clients to surf with us
A group photo after a boat cruise with my colleagues and clients

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