This article first appeared in BTS Issue 1.

By Roshni Nagavalli Saravanan, Senior
Information Systems Technology and Design
and Pammela Ng, Alumni
Class of 2018

Internship at

Interning overseas is probably the closest experience to actually working and living overseas, four months being long enough to start putting down roots and feeling like a local, but not enough to fully explore Portugal and form strong relationships.

We interned at, an up-and-coming startup for tech recruitment. Getting out of our comfort zone to travel to Portugal and interning in turned out to be the best and most valuable experience of our lives.

As part of team bonding, we went hiking 10km over picturesque cliffs at the western tip of
Europe, helped out at the most hyped tech job fair ever, partied hard after the festival in a
private boat, and built an Arduino toy.

Among all the scenic views, we enjoyed the golden beaches, rolling hills and majestic castles. It was also the people and the jubilant environment of Portugal that impressed us the most.

Pammela – “I was tasked to improve the quality of job postings. I implemented a dynamic feedback system that evaluates paragraphs and a salary suggestion feature that draws from the company’s existing databases, using applications like Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. It was a priceless experience as we were given ownership over our projects despite being an intern. Unique things – I went on a 4-day solo trip to Seville, Spain via carpool! I also made new climbing friends and went natural bouldering in the forest and by the beach with them. I also learnt to surf in icy cold waters!”

Roshni – “I created a dynamic dashboard with KPIs and conversion funnel of the application fow. This was done using Visual studio SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Management Services. The experience was very rewarding as I learnt a lot in the short period of four months.”

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