Its 4 weeks into our summer sessions and we are halfway done! After being here for a few weeks, we decided to explore further this weekend and go to Lake Tahoe. Time to describe our adventure here!

We came here as a big group of 10, using 2 cars booked from Hertz from Friday till Sunday afternoon. Wayne and Wilson had no classes on Friday and were chill, while the rest of us went for an earlier class so that we could go on time.

We spent the better half of the day driving and being stuck in a jam. Afterwards, we took a break from the long drive (and answer nature’s call), we stopped by Walmart and had our first taste of IN-N-OUT.

Spent a little too long at Walmart since there was so many things there and reached pretty late at night.

The next day we went to the beach to kayak.

and then continued with our Lake Tahoe exploration.

So this was just a small bay in Lake Tahoe. The entire Lake is huge, it would take about 2 hours just to drive one round around it.

Afterwards we found a nice log to finally get a group photo.

Next, we headed to Eagle Falls in hope of a good view. Lake Tahoe is pretty popular with the tourist, and they even have stairs carved out for us on the trails. Here you have a destroyed Wan Yun and jumping Xiao Meng during the walk.

It was a steep hike. So do help each other out.

(This photo was just a play with camera angles, no humans or rocks were harmed)

Ladies vs guys

Views from up high

We went further in and played around in a small waterfall (no photos cause its really wet). Afterwards we ate a late dinner at Denny’s and finally went back to our accommodation for a chill night.

For the strong few who could, we woke up/ stayed up at 4.30am for the sunrise, but still missed quite a bit of it as the sun rises really early in the summer. Still, the views were spectacular.

Afterwards we rushed back to I-house as Xiao meng and Zhi Xin were performing for Sunday’s supper where they did an awesome performance.


Group 3

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