This article first appeared in BTS Issue 3.

By Chng Kai Jiunn, Sophomore (Class of 2021)
Architecture and Sustainable Design

Internship at DP Architects in Singapore

Over the course of 16 weeks interning at DP Architects, I was fortunate enough to be assigned several projects with different typologies from mixed-use development in a prime shopping district to clubhouses located in secluded areas of our island.

Whilst being involved in these projects, my superiors explained the intentions of our design and how it affects different aspects of the project. After meetings with clients and other
stakeholders, such as engineers and contractors, they would run through what is expected of the assignment, and guide me through the most appropriate way of presenting my ideas and findings.

One of the biggest takeaways was when I was assigned to an Asset Enhancement Initiative Project. In land scarce Singapore, buildings in critical areas, like the downtown core, go through an Asset Enhancement Initiative to help increase the value of the building.

Bristol Board Model, Circulation Areas between Buildings

The problem-solving skills taught in our Freshmore year at SUTD helped me overcome several challenges during this internship. Thinking out of the box and finding different solutions to solve the problem came into play when I was assigned to think of an alternative floor layout to achieve the same result. To expand the Net Leasable Area which helps increase the value of an existing building, consultants would redesign and readjust the layout of the building.

Balsa Wood Model, Understanding The Spaces In Between Blocks

The internship at DP Architects also opened my eyes to the hierarchy of stakeholders involved in projects. The way each profession presented their views, ideas and limitations of the project was distinct; yet, everyone was working towards the same goal.

Dinner with our Director

I am very grateful for the learning opportunities, patience and guidance my superiors at DP Architects provided me. Although it was a short 16-week stint, I learnt as much as any full-time employee would have.

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