You know that one famous quote from Shakespeare – “To be or not to be”, yup it’s this dude, Hamlet

Indeed a beautiful day it was for us to hop on a bus and take a trip down to Stratford-upon-Avon, a quaint (but overly touristy) medieval little town, which once housed the great William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare’s birthplace, a typical Elizabethan house of which we admired from the outside because we were reluctant to pay for a heftily priced entry ticket

Strolled along the scenic River Avon (the best way to use up your spare time) before catching Antony and Cleopatra in the evening (our very first Shakespearean play to be watched live!).

Loved loved loved the trees here, mother nature truly calls
Very romantic place to date, highly recommended
This river actually houses many swans and ducks but they somehow all managed to disappear just when we decided to take a selfie
3 hours later… and we can tick off our bucket list that we’ve watched a Shakespeare play live. Amazing acting and stage-sets!

Ok, adieu for now, hath a good day wherever thee may be.

– Emma

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