Last Monday (26th August 2019), the team of researchers, research assistants and some relevant UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program) students including myself tore down the half-pavilion set up in the FABLAB Assembly Space. Created as a lightweight, green and aesthetically minimalist structure, the Tensegrity Pavilion involved vigorous physical prototyping and digital exploration before it came to what it is today.

Did you manage to catch it before it was gone?

The Tensegrity Pavilion may look simple, but its design was carefully chiseled out of and polished with very intense research. In fact, it has an entire research paper on its design and manufacture journey behind it. While they are only two out of the many pairs of hands behind this magnificent structure, you may approach Assistant Professor Kenneth Joseph Tracy (ASD) who is the Principal Investigator, or Research Assistant Chia Pei Zhi (DmanD), if you have any burning questions about it. With preparation for the Pavilion being paraded overseas and all, they may not have much time for your queries though – so come on down to see the pavilion for yourself!

Read on to find out when and how!

So you did not catch the half-pavilion in the FABLAB?

No worries! Apart from admiring some of the photographs attached to this post, you may get the chance to see the pavilion in its full glory coming up during Archifest, which is from 27th September to 9th October this year! Mark your dates in anticipation and stay tuned for more updates! The researchers and research assistants have worked very hard for this elegant and original Tensegrity structure, and you certainly would not want to miss it for the world.

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