Hello folks!

UROP Office is calling for new UROP proposals for the next trimester (Summer 2020)! All faculty and students are welcomed to propose their research ideas from now till 20 Mar 🙂

Cool! So how do I start?

If you’re a student and keen to kickstart your own research project, follow these steps:

  1. Define your project scope, nature, deliverables, project duration, projected budget, time commitment etc.
  2. Draft it out using this template here
  3. Look for an awesome PI with similar research interest and expertise
  4. Fine-tune your proposal and send to your PI
  5. Your PI will submit the proposal to UROP Office for review

What’s next?

The review process will take about 2 weeks. Successful projects will be opened for student applications in Week 11 via Myportal! \o/

Whether you are the student lead or member, please sign up in Week 11!

Key points to note:

  1. Approved projects will receive S$1500 funding. Check out our funding guidelines here.
  2. The funds can only be used within the project period (ie. Summer term onwards)

I am not interested to propose a project, can I still join UROP?

Of course you can! Student applications open in Week 11. Check out Myportal for all new UROP projects initiated by faculty and our fellow students!

If you are new to UROP, check out our website here or email us at urop@sutd.edu.sg.

Looking forward to see your gutsy, innovative ideas! Meanwhile, stay healthy and look out for each other 🙂


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