This article first appeared in BTS Issue 2.

WAVE Trophy is the world’s largest electric vehicle rally. Electric car enthusiasts, companies and universities gather to drive eight days across some of the Alps’ most spectacular scenery.

By Charles Wong, Senior
Information Systems Technology and Design

My travels took me to Bonn, Germany for the Hack4Climate 2017, a block chain/climate change hackathon held in conjunction with the UN Climate Change conference. It was there where I met Richard Ulrich, a Swiss software developer and block chain enthusiast. We presented our project at the hackathon finals to an audience of delegates and attendees from around the globe.

We have been in touch after the hackathon and earlier this year, Richard invited me
to join the WAVE Trophy Switzerland, an incredible journey across the Swiss country about experiencing, learning and advocating for the future of electric mobility. From local start-ups building sustainable energy solutions, to large businesses fabricating tiny motors for the Mars Rover – Switzerland was a hotbed of cutting-edge mobility technology.

My strong foundation as a software engineer in ISTD and heavy involvement in automotive engineering as a team manager in the SUTD EV Club allowed me a much deeper insight into the future of electric vehicles. As a hyper-developed economy, Singapore can do more to further the adoption of electric vehicles, a move that suits our image of a clean, futuristic society. It’s up to change makers like us to build a sustainable future for the generations of humanity who will come after.

Our ride for the week, the beautiful Tesla Model S.
Efficiency, power and beauty. All dressed up and ready to go.

My teammate Richard’s lovely family, who joined us for the Formula E in Zurich!

The Tesla having a electron drink at the supercharging station. Slurp.

Some local kids having a ride in the Tesla.
Cue the rap music and questions about electric power.

Hands-on with the Model S. A peak into the future of mobility.

Taking a ride in the Swiss-made Kyburz e-rod, an all-electric racer for the road.
Who says electric cars can’t be fun?

Flying the SUTD flag halfway across the world. Go SUTD EV!

Huge line-up of cars at a local town.
Pleasure talking to other owners and engineers about why they love their cars.

Me with the stunning Porsche Mission E, the electric supercar of the future.

It’s not all cars – fun entries like this solar powered bicycle made an appearance too!

The Mercedes EQ Electric concept. Slick and seamless lines from the German marque.

The work-in-progress Solar Stratos,
an electric plane with an enormous wingspan looking to take the altitude record.

Read more about Charles’ adventure at the WAVE Trophy Switzerland 2018 here.

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