So you climb mountains, and you named a mountain after our school. What was your motivation behind that?

‘I think when I first matriculated into SUTD, in 2012, I was interested in mountaineering because I went for an ORD trip in Nepal, so I went to the Everest base camp. So my passion was for mountaineering at that time and I wanted to do something for the school as well, so I thought, why not try mountaineering and at the same time help publicise the school. Naturally we had a few other ideas, and eventually we got the idea of naming a mountain approved by Provost and President. ‘

So how did it feel once you accomplished your task?

‘So I guess when I reached the top of the mountain last year it was like, oh wow, two years of effort finally over, but the journey was more interesting, like going through various ideas, pitching to the school, fundraising, building a team, making sure everyone comes for training, making a lot of friends along the way, and the just enjoying the whole process. I really think the journey is more important in the end. And it was good that all of us made it up.’

So did climbing the mountain achieve what you set out for it to achieve?

‘Well I guess initially everyone was talking about it; it was in the news and the school board was very proud of this achievement, but I think more importantly I wanted to inspire everyone in our school, especially the batches to come, to dream big and just go and do whatever you feel like doing, and make sure you don’t give up. So I would say that I would have accomplished something if future generations of SUTD go ahead and dream big and do big things.’

< Class of 2015, ISTD >

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