Mention the word “minions” out loud and the first thing that comes to mind are the yellow, ridiculously adorable and downright hilarious worker-bees that work hard to help Gru in his quest for world domination in “Despicable Me”.

Minions@SUTD: Tiang Hui Hui, David Yam, Soh Mei Yu, Poh Ju Zhong, Chok Xin Lin, and Hu Yang (absent)

Around the SUTD campus, “minions” can also refer to another bunch of similarly cheerful and playful creatures— a team of fun-loving SUTD students dedicated to bringing happiness and joy to their fellow students.

“We started Minions@SUTD as a few like-minded individuals who were interested in improving the welfare of students in school. We see the need to balance studies with other aspects of life in SUTD. “Minions” was picked because while they seem merely innocent, playful and cheeky; they always bring smiles and joy to others.”
— David

Hui Hui

The Minions organise events throughout the school term, all designed to bring fun and joy to campus. Their most memorable event was when they gave out free cupcakes on Valentine’s Day. They invited their fellow students to decorate the cupcakes on their own, and then give them to someone special as a Valentine’s Day surprise. What’s encouraging for the Minions are the positive feedback they get from their peers— that they loved the surprise, the cupcakes, and most importantly, how the event made their day.

What has been the craziest thing that Minions@SUTD have done at Dover Campus?

“When Hui Hui wore the hot and stuffy Minion Mascot in an impromptu and unforgettable dance to ‘WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY!’”
— Hu Yang

“Community” is the first word that comes to mind when the Minions think of SUTD. Many people may think that bonding together and forging a common identity may not be that important, but to them, it’s the key of having an amazing experience at university— one that is fun, meaningful and fulfilling.

“I love sharing joy and spreading smiles! Seeing people’s surprised faces when they see free food or the minion mascot walking around is an incredible and satisfying experience. It gives me great encouragement when I see that our events have helped in creating a happier and more connected school community.”
— Xin Lin

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