We’re a tough crowd when it comes to communications technology – always seeking faster and better connectivity across an ever-increasing array of devices, hardware, and software.

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To future-proof our communications capabilities, the Future Communications Research and Development Programme (FCP) was launched to strengthen Singapore’s 5G ecosystem and accelerate the research of future communication technologies.

We speak to 3 Masters students who are on FCP scholarships to find out what inspired them to join the programme.

What are your plans for work and education?

Jiong Le:
Currently, I’ve only set my sights on completing this Masters programme, and I would like to gain industry experience afterwards. I find that my interest lies mostly in the lab session as it gives me an overview of what I can expect when I join the industry.




Frank Lee:
In the short to mid-term, I intend to enter Critical Infrastructure Security, a field that requires not only cybersecurity knowledge, but also a sound engineering background and a familiarity to operations and processes. Having majored in engineering and accumulated working experience in a sensor development company, I find that the critical infrastructure field will not only challenge me technically; it will also allow me to contribute back to society by building a safer and more stable Singapore.



Elvina Liow:
I’m currently pursuing the Master of Science in Security by Design at SUTD. I’ve been progressively more exposed and involved in cybersecurity in the last few years of my career, helping various organisations across different sectors address the growing and evolving cyber risks that they face. This inspired me to return to the academic environment where I hope to be able to contribute to the industry in more positive and meaningful ways. The MSSD programme not only provides me with a reinforced understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals, but also equips me with the skills and technical capabilities to further my career options.

What’s your personal motivation for taking a scholarship under the FCP?

Jiong Le:
I have a keen interest in 5G as I think that it is a burgeoning field that opens up many new research areas. This scholarship gives me the opportunity to dip my toes into the research behind this growing technology.

Frank Lee:
Despite my interest in cybersecurity, the fact is that juggling part-time studies and a full-time job is extremely difficult, especially when my full-time job is not directly aligned to the Masters topic. Hence, the FCP scholarship motivates me to do better in my studies, which may also lead to network opportunities within the industry in the future.

My main reason for pursuing a career in Critical Infrastructure Security stems from the growing technical challenges faced by cybersecurity analysts and developers. This is because to do well in security, one must have knowledge in many different domains, from-low-level operating systems and communication protocols, to networks and applications. As an engineer with backgrounds in both mechanical, computer and electronics, this is exciting as I want to be in a field that allows me to apply knowledge from different industries and stretch my abilities to the fullest.

Elvina Liow:
Singapore is going through a digital revolution to evolve into a Smart Nation, with growing investments in digital technologies to help transform the way we live, work and interact with others. As we move along this path to become a truly digitised city, the demand for new technologies, applications and the underlying infrastructure points to the ‘Fifth Generation’ or 5G network to support hyperconnectivity at much quicker speeds. While this integration improves our daily experiences and enhances users convenience, it’s also vital that we maintain the security in the many interconnected systems that are inevitably intertwined with the nation’s critical infrastructure. The FCP scholarship is particularly attractive to me as it provides the platform and opportunity for us to research and get involved in future communication technologies and companies, with a focus on the security aspects, which is aligned to me interest.


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