‘For me, I am interested in helping the poor and the needy. At the same time, I hope to be an entrepreneur in the future. Therefore, social entrepreneurship is a perfect combination between my interest and ambition! I have actually joined the club with a group of my friends.

And for dance, it is my hobby. It also provides a period of time for me to destress and get away from work. Also, I like to hangout with my dance mates. I guess that sense of belonging and bondedness are the reasons why I am with them.

I joined dance without any background as well. The thing about SUTD is because we are a new school, we are open to everyone. We don’t have any clubs that are really exclusive and only want you when you have the background, talents or skills. Joining SUTD also gives me a chance to explore areas that I have not explored before like dancing and entrepreneurship.’

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