Hey there! A little belated, but writing in here to cover the second week at Aalto. Life’s been pretty good here so far, with lots of interesting events to attend to. Some of us participated in the Pocket Jam over at PGConnects Helsinki, where we had 29 hours to develop a game from scratch in a hackathon-style setting. It was great fun learning to work together with people from different backgrounds to hustle up a game, and we couldn’t have asked for better teammates.

The event also functioned as a convention for various game companies and indie developers to pitch their products or look out for potential hires, making the place a hotspot for aspiring game developers. It was a good opportunity to talk to people with a vested interest in the game industry and learn about the current trends in the market.

You can check out what we came up with over here: https://ekz.itch.io/breed-a-fluff


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