Zhe Hui and I did a summer programme at KAIST in Daejeon, Korea, and we had a blast. Our summer school peers came from Australia, Denmark, U.S.A., the UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Morocco and more. They were all passionate to share about their own life experiences from their home countries which was enlightening to hear about. We found out that Denmark were really against animal cruelty and our friends from Denmark wouldn’t be able to look at seafood in tanks because they found it extremely cruel. We also found that there are no microwaves in most 7-elevens in the UK.


Karaoke session for 4000Won ($4.50SGD) per hour.          Laser tag!

For our two day one night field trip, KAIST brought us to Jeonju to visit hanoks (traditional Korean dwellings) and we got to wear hanboks (traditional dress) while walking around the village. We also made hanji (traditional Korean paper). The contraption to pull up the paper pulp was really heavy! For dinner we made our own beef bibimbap (Korean mixed rice). The following day, they brought us to the national taekwondo training center at Muju and we learnt freestyle poomsae (modern taekwondo dance). We had loads of fun on these field trips, on top of that we also developed a deeper understanding and appreciation for Korean culture, as we were keen to absorb and immerse ourselves in it.

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