Hello Everyone! A bit of a short update this week, since I didn’t travel out of Hang Zhou (even though it was recess week), I spent most of my time around the school area and occasionally travelling to in77 and inCity, shopping centers that are in the city area of Hang Zhou and near the school. It was a conscious decision not to travel partly because been travelling around a lot the past few weeks, I decided to take a break and have a breather before most of the theme work begins to kick in.

So throughout the week I spent most of my time in the room, working on learning some new things. Stuff like data preprocessing, learning how to sift through and manage lists and lists of data, probability theory, and data visualization, just some of the things that I had particular interest in. I got some material from my friend who attended the data visualization workshop and started learning from some of the material that they provided. It was pretty interesting learning the different ways people had used data visualization and at the core its really just about taking the abstrat numbers and converting it into a form where people can analyze, understand and make interpretations from it. Cool stuff!

Other things I did was play basketball with some of the locals here! Their basketball culture here is super strong. Every day after 5pm you can see that the courts (around 20+ by the way) are fully filled with people playing half court and full court basketball. We managed to join a few locals for shootaround and played a couple of half-court matches with them. Some of the rules differed from that in Singapore, but the overall friendliness and inclusiveness when playing with them is there. Most of them were very willing to share the court with us, sports really does bring people together.

I felt like the past week was more of an insight to what a typical student does on the regular. Attending “classes”, playing sports, not travelling too far out, it was really just a short glimpse into their lives. Even though it wasn’t as action packed as maybe travelling to a different state, it was still a notable experience for me, giving some time to recollect my thoughts and focus on some of the tasks that I wanted to personally complete. Overall, still a rewarding experience!

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