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I Tried Bugs

Had my final TFI volunteer trip this week and it was kind of bittersweet. It was kinda fun as we got to interact with the kids one more time but well bitter as we knew that it was gonna be the last time we got to interact with the kids. I am not going to lie, interacting with the kids proved to be a challenge with the language barrier and their intellectual disabilities, however as we got to know each other those barriers became less and less apparent and i guess we developed some form of closeness among each other. Thus it was upsetting to say goodbye to them.


This week on the climb we further pushed our limits and climbed up to the top of another hill. It was a much more amazing view this time and we got to see more amazing sights and rushed to climb down the hill before it got dark. Overall it was a fun experience. We got to see amazing sights and well it was tiring i think it was well worth the experience. Still working towards the goal of climbing huang shan. Seems like i need much more training haha. Hopefully our tour guide Micaela will plan more trips for us.

Forgot to bring my camera

I also went to Wu Zhen this week. The east side of wu zhen was filled with old time shops and a canal through them, While the west side was filled with more lavish gardens and sights, while also having many old times shops. It was definitely an interesting experience to see chinese culture in the olden times, seeing how it has changed and an interesting perspective of how the chinese culture interacted with rivers and canals. The west side also featured many interesting buildings like a post office, pagoda to see the grand canal and amazing garden. While on the east side we saw wushu performances, cloth dying processes and ate amazing dong bo rou. Overall it was definitely a cool experience but not something i would recommend more than once due to the price and proximity to zhejiang university.


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