Two weeks ago, we began our journey on learning design fictions, in other words, to tell a story in a way of design. During the first class, we were made to draw a sketch of how to make a toast. I found that many classmates had talents of drawing. Some of them created pencil drawing, some drew with watercolor, some classmates made pretty extraordinary sketches. As for me myself, I did think that I had poor gift of painting, however, I still tried my best to draw whatever I wanted to express.

From the second course which was taught last Wednesday, we knew that the designing sketch could be divided into different kinds based on their functions. For example, explaining sketch and innovative sketch. At the beginning of the class, we drew pictures such as the imagination of future socialization, design of a medical device and so on. The homework for that class was to turn the sketch we made in the previous class into a short film. Although my drawing skills are very poor, in my group everyone did his or her best. I got an inspiration of making a stop motion animation by drawing the story frame by frame. Very fortunately, one of my group members is quite good at stick figure. We could only see that she created a toast, a cat, even a whole story with a few pen.

After that, I used Pr in order to make an animation with those great material which are attached at the end of the blog. We all enjoyed the process and the presentation provided by each group. I found that my Singaporean friends all had gifts of making fun of boring things and made life more interesting!

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