Now, we are into the first week of ALP.
This week the main highlights were the Buddy Day and ZJU exhibitions.
During the Buddy day, all of us were able to chose our buddies based on the itinerary they have prepared. Each of us had different experiences as we were brought to different parts of this big city called Hang Zhou.
Mae-Sy and Cheryl with their buddy!
Jeremy and his buddy! ( together with other ALP students)
Yuan Long and his buddy!
As for the ZJU exhibitions, we had two exhibitions :
  1. 浙江大学校史馆
We learn about the rich history of the long-established Zhe Jiang University, which was originally named 求是书院
It seemed apparent that the philosophy which ZJU was built on having well-known professors who had great research experience. During this exhibition, we realise that ZJU and SUTD had a lot in common in their approach towards higher education— which explains why we are in collaboration.
  1. Science and Tech exhibition
Being a very established university, ZJU is able to flaunt many science and technology breakthroughs and research which was made known when we visited this exhibition.
While the student guide was extremely knowledgable about all these breakthrough the exhibition displayed, we could not fully catch what he was saying because it was mostly in Chinese. So here is all we’ve got from Jeremy:
” One of the projects that intrigued me was the carbon aerogels which is less dense than air but are able to absorb over 900 times their own weight which allows it to have a variety of applications, from environmental to commercial machinery.”

We were also given the chance to visit WIDC where various protyping methods used by manufacturers in China were introduced to us. It came to our attention that 3D printing machines were heavily utilised to print high precision prototypes for manufacturers themselves and their clients. With this in mind, we are extremely privileged to be SUTDents as we are granted such easy access to 3D printers ( sometimes even easier than paper printers!) that enable us to design products like true engineers in this technologically advanced era.

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