Hello everyone! This week we had a pretty chill week, only 1 class of design fiction and more self-work to prepare for the theme project. Focusing mainly on Machine Learning models in order to classify body movements in an interaction whether they were satisfied or unsatisfied. Meanwhile on the weekend I showed some of my friends from JC around Hang Zhou, showing them some of the sights and how I have been living over the past 2 months, and it was a great time catching up with some old friends

On Monday, we had another lecture on Design Fiction which focused on graphic design and poster making. We made a magazine cover out of one of our own photos and another poster about future learning, taking future technologies and putting it into a story in the poster. I felt like although the content was pretty interesting, we didn’t have enough technical skills with the software to make some of the more interesting poster ideas that we have (also limited by the time that we had in class), I had hoped the class would take some time to teach some of the basics of the software before throwing us the task. However, that being said, it was fun coming up with ideas on how to tell a story in a single image!

The rest of the week we spent focused on learning more about Machine Learning and the models that are relevant to our project. We are trying to classify people’s satisfaction based on their body movements and EEG brain signals with respect to their experiences, something I feel could be useful for businesses especially those in the service industry. So we took some time out to meet up and discuss the possible models that we could use, and bounced some ideas off each other and the students from ZJU. Hopefully, we were able to gain some traction on the project and come up with better ideas and possibly test out some of these models on our dataset the following week.

Finally, over the weekend I spent showing my friends from JC around Hanzg Zhou showing them some of the sights from 西湖,武林广场,清河坊 and had some great time catching up with each other.

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