This week, we went to the restaurant on the 3rd floor of the canteen building! The food here is fantastic and the atmosphere is great! The main purpose of the get-together was to update each other, our TA and our Professor on our progress. Also, our prof introduced us to a new TA who came back from overseas to help us! Having more expertise is always great. We felt bad for ordering too much food though.

Ah right, we had our first Design Thinking Lesson this week! The Design Thinking teaching team was inspired by a video in which an interactive pop-up book demonstrates various parts of life, from a guitar to Planetarium!

The team decided that we are going to expand on this idea, by using 3D printers to print PLA plastic onto paper, so that we can use the properties of all materials heating and shrinking in the presences of heat to create life-like structures. They also taught us about conductive PLA, in which graphite is inside the PLA, allowing 3d-printed circuits to be made. The conductive PLA heats up in the presence of a high voltage (approx +60V) which causes it to expand and contract as well.

There was one thing that is clear from them: They want us to make structures that are not obviously taken from the real world. Instead, modify them to be either otherworldly or a trick of the eye. Additionally, they want each groups’ work to come with a short story detailing want we want our structure to demonstrate. Well, not many of us has a art background, but lets see what we can do!

– Theme 2

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