TLDR: I would definitely recommend CuriousU, if you are open minded and will put yourself out there to experience something new. Camp has people from 50 over nationalities, everyone is friendly and together. Living and food conditions/selections are not ideal, but visit to Amsterdam/Utretcht/Rotterdam is definitely worth it.


First impression of Europe/Amsterdam airport, much more space, much more outdoors/sunlight. Heres the airport

so much more natural light than Changi Airport. the ’emphasis on outdoor’ observation I made remains true throughout my trip here.

I got the amsterdam city card for 48 hours, to make good use of it visit at least 4 museums/attractions a day, or not dont bother with the card. card is convenient coz its all in one as well. and it tells you wheres interesting to head to.

Rushed over to my first stop (attraction) to Johan Cruyff arena (ajax stadium). THis is how their trains look like, left pic is a first class cabin. you can bring bikes and dogs on the public transport, locals seem nice and accomodating.

Not familiar with Ajax, but its nice to go to a stadium with so much history and something so big and famous that isn’t possible in Singapore due to our lack of sporting culture.

The huge poster of Johan cruyf on the face of the arena feels v cool. can feel the Dutch pride maybe.

This is the coolest thing i saw in their toilet, this paper towel(cloth) is REUSABLE. it goes back in, i think it sterilises it? or replace it.

after ajax i met some French dude going to the CuriousU camp as well to explore Amsterdam. got some good food in the city, this ribs below, 2 huge racks for 20 euros, and a huge side of mixed salad is 4 euros. really worth it. even compared to singapore prices.,4.8930469,15.87z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x3957de6cf00dfbf6!8m2!3d52.3657022!4d4.8955303

also visited the oldest sandwich shop, authentic stuff, good vibes.,4.89553,15z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x3957de6cf00dfbf6!2sDe+Nachtwacht!8m2!3d52.3657022!4d4.8955303!3m4!1s0x0:0xf068778667caac7a!8m2!3d52.3659831!4d4.895061

headed over for a canal boat tour, that was rather slow and chill if u like that kinda thing, IMO was abit draggy and cant get down to explore anyth (took 1 hour).

Museums u can see on boat


the green museum u can see is called NEMO science museum, its abit too basic for SUTD level i think, but its interactive and more fun-ish. some exhibitions might be thought provoking if u care about science stuff.

around 5pm by then, dropped my stuff in my AirBnB and caught a concert after. interesting to see how much Dutch people appreciate this kinda music. held in the biggest concert theatre (very fancy) in Amsterdam personally would give the concert a 6/10 (its not bad)

They allow pets in their shops! (this shop sells electronics) so interesting to see the dog waiting while the customer makes purchases.

Perfect seafood dinner at The Seafood Bar, looks much better than the picture. i got a fish mix and oysters. for ~30 euros.

casino is nearby as well if youre into that. (and entrance fee covered by amsterdam city card)

 Cafes in Amsterdam make the ones in Singapore look very lame. Rustic and original and just so comfortable inside (even though its crowded) Perfect environment. Even the nicer cafes in Singapore look so fake compared to these cafes.

 Best cookie in the world i think


This museum district/area is just amazing. You dont even have to enter the museums (i did tho) the outsides are already so comfortable and scenic. Good weather, good space for the number of people, so many things to look at.


Now, to the camp, I took Smart Cities course. Its typically much slower pace than what we are used to in Singapore, but its pretty applicable to what we have and are building in Singapore.




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