Upgraded Origami Robots

Week 3 started off with our review of the past week origamis. We were taught new ways to improve our origami designs, by changing the speed, delay, movement of the origami. These different movements allowed us to bring life and show the emotions and feelings of an inanimated origami paper. We used techniques such as key action grid board and action design board to help us visualise our origami, better facilitating our design process.

Hushu Round 2

On our second trip to Hushu, we were allowed to sit in one of their classes to facilitate the teacher during their lesson. It really warmed my heart to see the teachers over at Hushu teaching with such genuine passion. Even in the most difficult of times, as some of the students start to disrupt the class, the teacher always knew how to calm the situation down and carry on with the lesson. Some of us were even given a chance to teach the class, having not planned for such a task, we had to improvise and we started to teach them basic English. Looking at their response, it seemed like they did not have much contact with English yet.  Thankfully, their enthusiasm saved us as it made teaching them much much easier and less stressful! After their lesson, we then brought the class down to have some fun playing frisbee.


Alibaba Visit and workshop

To end of this eventful week, we had the chance to visit the Alibaba group headquarters. Being such a huge company in the e-commerce market and being a regular consumer on TaoBao, getting this opportunity to visit Alibaba was awesome. Sadly, the only date we could visit was a Sunday where most of the shops inside were closed and most of the staff were not around. Regardless, we managed to explore the high-tech interior of Alibaba and played with the smart AI systems they have around the building. Furthermore, we were given a workshop by some of the Alibaba staff to stimulate our design thinking skills. Although it was similar to our design course in SUTD back in term 2, we got to mix with and share ideas with the other ZJU students who joined us in this visit to Alibaba.

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