DIP 2019 – Information Product Design Conceptual Product Launch Event

This week, we were to attend an event held in the school campus theater (ZJG Theater 紫金港小剧场) in which a few of our SUTD students are also involved in. These group of SUTD students who had to partake in this module, DIP (Design of Information Product) were split into different groups and assigned to work with the local students of ZJU on their respective projects. To give you a better sense of what their project was about, it was something similar to our Term 2 Design module.

The first part of the event was a presentation by one of the ZJU’s professors on the design projects made by different groups of local students – from their undergraduates to graduates. His presentation consisted of a showcase of the product videos for each group which I felt was mostly very professional and innovative in how they made their product stand out. I think that is a pretty good learning point for myself as I am sure it will be a useful skill in the future.

The second part was then the focus of the entire event – the presentation of the different projects by each of the DIP groups. The way the presentations were conducted were very formal, if I were to compare it to the presentations I did back home in Singapore. The group members would stand on stage in a straight line beside their displayed products. On hand, they have cue cards and microphones. The videos they filmed and edited were also very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the groups’ videos.

I am really impressed that their presentations are done up so formally and planned, and in front of such a large number of audience. It is something that I rarely see or experience back home in Singapore, if not ever. While it is interesting and can really help in public speaking during presentations, it is also pretty nerve-wrecking for the presenters.

In between the different parts of the event, there were some breaks which was filled in by a local school band called 南区飞行员. They played very well and I enjoyed their performance during the breaks; it was a good combination of formal presentations and fun entertainment.


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