Day Two started off with a wonderful breakfast at KMUTT canteen – Chicken with fried egg and rice.

After breakfast, it was time to get busy. We had a lecture from SUTD Profs on solar panels and an overview of what we could expect at the 2 schools we were going to visit this week.

After going over the theory, we headed down to the Physics lab to get some hands-on experience. There was a fair amount of preparation to be done – we were split into 5 groups and went about stripping and crimping wires – before breaking for lunch.

Lunch was amazing – noodles, and we headed off to the Border Patrol Police School. There were 2 main tasks today – cleaning and maintaining of the previous installation of solar panels and installing some new batteries.

Today was mostly for familiarisation, so there wasn’t a lot of hands-on opportunities as there were limited things to do. Our Profs decided to use this as a learning opportunity and went over some practical calculations involving battery sizing, where we had to calculate how feasible a certain setup was, given the load, battery & amount of solar energy produced. We also took calculations before and after cleaning the solar panels to see the effect of a dirty solar panel on energy output.


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