Hello,everyone! Chengdu was super nice to us but we said our Goodbyes and now we are in Changsha. Did you know that Hunan is also famous for their spicy cuisine? Lucky for us, it happened to be 端午节- Dragon Boat Festival when we were there, so we got lots ( and I mean LOTS) of rice dumplings. All of us loved every single meal we had in Changsha, and the students there were always nice to warn out about the dishes that might be too spicy for us.

Rice Dumplings- Different coloured strings meant different flavours.
The Chinese teacher was so nice and welcomed us to Changsha. Xie Xie Laoshi!

It would not be a Changsha highlight if we did not mention Chairman Mao ZeDong. We visited Chairman Mao’s House, museums and 滴水洞. From these, we learnt about how Chairman Mao really helped shape China back in the days and I can see why Chinese people revere him.

We all know Singapore is small and China is BIG. But how big are we talking here? A university we visited- Hunan University had a mountain – that’s right you didn’t read wrongly a mountain inside their campus. When Charles first told us, we thought it was a joke, but no , sorry Charles that we doubted you. We also slide down from the mountains after we reached the peak, an experience which we will all remember.

Shanice and I trying to get our instagram shot. But if you saw our face, you could feel the thirty two degree celcius.
See how high the mountain is? I am still AWED by it. It is inside a university campus. WOW

We went to a lot of museums. What is fascinating is that there were, literally, thousand years old museums and some are just like the ones in Singapore, modern. The contrast in between these 2 types of museums are something that we appreciated. China has such a rich history and we got to have a little look at it from these museums. Changsha also reminded me , a little, of Singapore. Changsha also underwent modernization around the same pace as us and it is also a global city.

One of the modern museums we went to

Overall, we loved Chengsu and Changsha. The experiences they have brought to us were one-of-a-kind. We would love to be back here again. We could not believe 14 days passed by so fast and I am grateful that MOE and SUTD gave us such an amazing opportunity.

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