Yee-haw Folks. The TAMU gang is heading to the annual Houston Rodeo.

We went on a day trip to Houston with the international exchange group to celebrate this annual Texan tradition. There’s gonna be horses, there’s gonna be BBQ, there’s gonna be all things country.

Arriving on location there were a whole lot of fun things to behold. There was a carnival, and there was a food bazaar, but our first destination is the international room where we are brought this room decorated with flags from every country and they gave us name tags, free drinks and lunch which you guessed, BBQ.

After that we went to the country fair which is in the showroom downstairs and in there you can find a variety of livestock, stalls that sells local products and some people just singing country songs in a gazebo. That’s really the most Texas thing I’ve seen thus far. I also got myself a cowboy hat just for the fun of it.

Then after, we went to the carnival went on a few of those rides as well as had some fair food from the bazaar. It was such a hot day so we didn’t really want to line up for rides that are longer than 3 minutes.

Shortly after it was time to go to the NRG stadium to see the main event which was the rodeo itself. We saw cowboys on horses lassoing calves, bull riding, and even children clinging onto a sheep for as long as they can which is called mutton busting. All of it was great and then it was time for the concert where this famous country singer Walker Hayes is the main performer and I gotta say hi songs were pretty bussing.

The night ended with some fireworks and a drone show. It was overall a great experience, one that you can’t find outside Texas. I am so glad the exchange team was able to fit this into our schedule and the whole day I had a great time … except for the part where we had to wait on the bus for another hour cause one dude got lost. That part was infuriating.

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