Which accommodation should I choose? This is a tricky question to consider given the vast variety of options. I chose Ihouse and I did not regret my decision, here are the reasons why.

Firstly, Ihouse is located right outside campus, making the commute to classes really convenient, especially as public transport in Berkeley is not efficient.

Secondly, it is convenient as meals are included with the accommodation. The international buffet they offer has a huge spread and the menu is always different, which is perfect for gaining.

Finally, there are many social events organised by Ihouse to get to know people of different cultures. Every Wednesday, there is coffee hour hosted by different countries, where you get to try out food from those countries and find out more about their culture. Every other Tuesday, there is an organised hike, to explore the beautiful views of Berkeley while making foreign friends. There are also a huge variety of other events such as museum visits, beach days, and sports day to make friends.

All in all, I enjoyed my stay in Ihouse and highly recommend it to everyone.

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