After much administrative procedures, from the buying of our flight tickets, travel insurance, getting our visas and invitation letter from ZJU, the theme members of Intelligent & Interactive Sleep Assist Light finally arrived ZJU!

There is a saying that goes “Not all heroes wear capes”. This cannot be truer in the scenario where Junjie steps up and volunteers himself to become the theme leader for Theme 5 – which consists of Mae-Sy, Cheryl, Jeremy, Christopher and Yuan Long.

I guess we would be spending a lot of time together in the 14 weeks that lie ahead of us. We all hope that after these 14 weeks in China, not only would we be able to immerse ourselves in the culture of China, we would be able to learn a thing or two about optimising the quality of sleep with the use of lighting systems (as the Theme name suggests)

Till next time, that’s all we have for now!

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