School has become more demanding. Homework and tests are now common for Basic Korean class. The afternoon class remains a content heavy 3hours. But learning new knowledge remains an engaging experience.

This weekend, I climbed mountians with friends. The first mountian climbed is Daedunsan. I climbed it with two other Singaporeans from NTU, Angeline and Danial, as well as Lily form Hong Kong. The theme of these climbs was adventure and in retrospect, there was no lack of! We almost got lost navigating our way to the rural Daedunsan. However, we met a kind ahjuma on the bus and she offered to take us up to the cable car point! To our surprise, her husband is the vice-pres of the Cable car company! Luck was on our side! The daedunsan hike was not easy. We had to conquere the unforgiving steep ascend. But we were rewarded with the friendship of fellow climbers as well as amazing fews!

The other mountain i climbed was Gyejoksan, otherwise known as the red clay trail. I went with another team of adventurers, Indonesians Naura, Taufiq as well as Cait from Leeds. Despite the relaxing name Red clay trail, it was not relaxing to reach either! We climbed up the hilly path to an old fort on the top were we rested for lunch, the descended the hill to merge and continue barefooted on the soft, nourishing red clay. At the very end of the trail, we found to our surprise also, an opera in the woods! It was apparently very popular with the locals who came hiking over in droves!

Mountain trekking has been a favorite pastime of mine, and trekking in Daejeon Korea as only reinforced my sentiments!

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