Outside of class the summer school friends, and I went to the nearby arcades, karaoke, cafes and jjimjilbangs to hang out. The arcades had fun baseball batting cages. We sang for many hours straight every time as karaoke was too fun. You need to know how to search for songs with the keypad because all the words are in Korean! Try the Singapore Noraebang on Rodeo Street of Daejeon for big groups singing together. 감성만화싸롱 is a nearby café with comic books, Playstations, Netflix tvs and cats, I highly recommend. Try beef sashimi too! We also went for a baseball game at Hanwha baseball stadium and it was a thrilling game. I really like watching baseball now!

Apart from field trips and academics, the KAIST campus is large, and the natural environment is so beautiful, and there was a lot of restaurants and things to do around KAIST. We learnt a ton and came back with more open minds. It was a great place to make friends with people from all over the world and have fun together in this journey of youth. We would recommend future SUTD students to join this programme! If you do want to go on this programme, you must familiarise yourself with basic Korean because most locals don’t speak English, however all KAIST students know English. You must download Kakao T (taxi and bicycle service), as the buses around KAIST are not as convenient but the taxis and bike rentals are affordable. Bringing around 700 SGD (665000 KRW) would be safe enough. Feel free to contact me at @christi4nn4 on Instagram or telegram if you would like more info and recommendations on places to go during the programme!

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