No points for guessing what music video this is from

Nothing really exciting happened this week, as the feature picture would have illustrated clearly already.

Oh yes, maybe the fact that I attended a close to 3 hours lecture on the Introduction to Visual Analytics in the morning? Nothing much to expound over there, except the fact that the lecture was conducted very far from the hostel. And every step I made walking to and fro made me appreciate the small campus size of SUTD ( not to be misunderstood as I miss school in Singapore ).

What other happenings happened this week that is appropriate to mention on this blog? Nothing much except that we are all working on our theme projects in different ways. At this point, it would be a bore to document about my work so i shall keep it as that. Not sure if it was in spirit of my theme project on sleep or the general circadian sleep cycle thing but my record number of naps this week was 3. #FUNfacts

If all else fails in a conversation between me and this blog, I would talk about the weather. And that’s going to happen right after the end of this sentence. Do you know that it can be very hot in the afternoon? That I resorted to using umbrella – which i realise was something I used only when it rained back in Singapore. Maybe its the fact that many people in Hangzhou actually use their umbrella when it shines that made me accustom to this lifestyle or it is simply unbearably hot here. Also, applying sunblock when i make my way to the IDI has become a ritual. My 3 months-ago self would think Maesy-in-Hangzhou is being a little extra with this protection, but hey, protection first.

And that my friends, is how one blog about the nothingness and staleness of the week. Back to work.

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