Finale of Origami Robots

On Wednesday we finally had our finale to the course origami robots. Over the course there were many little practices as we worked in groups in order to make a final product for the exhibition. My group had worked long and hard in order to make the design and code out the actions for the robot. Overall it was an interesting course and there were some fun times in it.


Trip to Shanghai

After the exhibition i decided to make an impromptu trip to Shanghai. I stayed in an Airbnb with an awesome host who cooked for me noodles for lunch when i arrived because i was a little late and she was afraid that lunchtime was over. After that i went to yuyuan gardens to walk and shop a little before going to The Bund and Nanjing Road. It was an interesting experience being my first solo trip as i wondered the streets of Shanghai and went wherever my legs took me. It was a sense of freedom as i got to explore the streets of shanghai. I also spent a full day at the shanghai museum and it was really interesting. I got to see the various portions of Chinese history such as pottery, painting,clothes ,money among many others.

Trip to Hangzhou Zoo

We decided to go to Hangzhou zoo for a short trip over the weekends. The zoo was an interesting place as we saw lots of animals. However it was really different from Singapore Zoo as the living conditions of the animals were sometimes unfavorable towards the animals. Furthermore the behaviors of the local also sometimes surprised us as they were openly throwing food at the animals wanting the animals to move.

Trip to Beijing

And Sunday marked the first day of my Beijing Ai experiential trip by the entrepreneurship centre. I had gotten my tickets from the Fei Zhu applet in Alipay and was ready to begin my journey in Beijing. I wasted no time and tried the Beijing duck and went to see the Tian An Men square. It was a overall a really fun day as i got to do lots .


Overall it was a fun week and i really enjoyed myself, a good balance of work and play!

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