This week was the week where we had to start trying to create the various function and mechanisms of our product and we worked we that specific goal in mind until the midweek where our TA HanBo took us a step back.


Initially, in the first part of the week, we were all rushing to firm out the details of the product. Firstly, we got the electronics work started by ordering the parts, coding, testing the functions. Secondly, we worked on the structural aspect of the product such the material, mechanisms and so on. We even pushed back our weekly Wednesday meeting with our prof so that we had more time to create the deliverables, but we had a big midweek change due to TA.

Trying to code and make our circuits

On Wednesday, our TA had decided that we were moving way too fast and fixated into an idea that we had just decided on and suggested that we have a brainstorming session together with him which we have never done before. To be honest, at first, we were all apprehensive in having the session as it would mean that almost all our efforts in the first part of the week might be going to waste as the idea would most likely be changed due to the brainstorming session and we were all running out of time to create the product as we were already half-way through ALP but we went ahead with it anyway.

Our various drawing

On Thursday, we voiced our concerns to him and he assured us that we would not only have enough time for the project but also we would make our project better by not putting on blinders and expand our horizons by exploring other avenues as well. He also reminded us that we most likely would not be changing the function much as well leaving our work still relevant. We started off our session with many colored markers, pens, and A3 paper and our TA asked us to think of 3 new forms of our product and even presented us some pictures for inspiration making the session much more enjoyable and fresh. After some time drawing and coloring we shared our drawings and discussed them with each other, giving our own unique comments and opinions on each idea. Throughout this time our TA stayed with us the entire time and even has lunch with us which was encouraging.


After lunch it was time for another round of discussion and voting on which ideas were the best, After the voting process and choosing our winners it was time to prototype using the foam that we had and working out the various details of each idea. We spent most of the time on the details of the product as we debated and questioned each other on various aspects of the product like how the user would use the product, what functions could be used or simplified or added and all that. Finally, we came to a common consensus and by this time the sky had darken and it was way past dinner time already, so we had no choice but to waimai. Last but not least we put all these ideas into writing,CADing and drawings in preparation for the presentation for the next day. It was probably the most exhausting project day for all of us as it was the first time all of us had spent the entire day in IDI from morning to late at night.


On the next day, It was good that all our effort had not gone to waste as our prof was on board with our new idea and we had the go-ahead to proceed.

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