Finally, here at Texas A&M and my first impression is this place is huge. Not even explored a quarter of the university and you can fit about 20 SUTD. It’s a pretty cool place and I saw a lot just from a short walk around campus.

My dorm room was a bit small and very cramped but that’s kind of expected when you are given the cheapest hall to stay at. It wasn’t the hall of my choice, but this is what’s available so best to make the best with what I got.

Another thing I found out was that T-shirts, shorts and slippers are not cut out for the weather this winter. It was 6 degrees out and I had to buy some winter clothing (which are A&M merch by the way) from the nearby Barnes and Nobles. Got a scarf, some gloves, and a beanie because I am so weak to the cold. But at least with this I am no longer freezing.

Soon enough Orientation events had started. This is where I first met my fellow SUTD friends when we departed from Singapore. We also met some pretty interesting people at the Exchange Orientation such as Katerina from the Czech Republic, Ashley from Taiwan as well as fellow Singaporean exchange students from NUS.

After the orientation we had to get our Aggie IDs, which we will use for our meal plans, and access our class and dorm rooms. And they do look a lot better than our Singaporean student IDs.

Over the next few days, I took some time to go hang out with new-found friends and also to explore the region of Bryan-College Station on my own before classes started. And the scenery here is really beautiful. Just the great country plains. Every natural photo I take looks like a Microsoft Windows desktop background.

Another thing to note, College Station is infested with squirrels just as Singapore is with pigeons. You can find one every 2 minutes you are walking outdoors. Also, quite common is this beautiful blue bird called the blue jay.

Now, it’s the end of our first week of lessons and everyone has pretty much settled down although we’re still meeting new people in our individual classes.

I can tell that this exchange is gonna be fun. Stay tuned for more updates.

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