The time had arrived, it was our first road trip in the USA, we had settled in Berkeley and managed to find enough drivers (special thanks to Wilson, Yu Kai and Wayne) for the 4-5 hour road trip to Lake Tahoe. We were all very excited and even the pit stops had amazing views of the sunset 🙂

Road tripping
Sunset at Walmart






(Tip: Remember to book your cars for rental in advance, as they might get sold out in the nearby rental places)

The lake offered beautiful views and amazing places to take pics 😉 You could just sit and admire the view there for hours, the weather is amazing during the summer as well.











Other than the lake, where you can go for all kinds of water sports (Kayaking, parasailing, jet ski etc), there are some great hikes around the lake as well. One of them being “Eagle Falls” a quick 15 minute hike with a running stream that forms a small pond where you can enjoy a refreshning swim in clear water with beauty all around you. Be careful on the rocks! it gets very slippery, you dont want to drop your cameras into the water!

Pond 🙂
Kayaking with a view
Wednesday Wisdom with Wilson
Eagle Falls
















But the most important thing to remember is, no matter how beautiful the place is, it is best enjoyed with a group of your friends 🙂 This was our first trip together as a group, in this sweet airbnb (Thanks to Naomi) and all the amazing time we spent together watching netflix, stargazing and helping each other out… formed the basis of our friendships that led to many more trips to come in USA, experiencing wonderful things…together 🙂

Our Airbnb


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