I spent my last semester in NUS as part of the SUSEP programme (local exchange). One of the biggest challenges I faced was selecting modules to carry over. Due to the size of NUS’s faculty and resources, the number of modules available to choose from seemed daunting, but at the same thing rather exciting. As I’m a CSD / ISTD student, I had to take 3 computer science modules and 2 HASS modules to have the equivalent workload back in SUTD. Here’s a brief review of each module to help future NUS SUSEP prospective student choose their modules!

CS4243 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CS mod)
Grading format: 3 quizzes (15% each), 4 labs (12% each) and 3 homework

This was a very interesting module! The professor went really in depth to the foundations of computer vision and the different methods to recognise patterns in images. There was also a bit of image processing in this module. Although the module was very interesting, some of the concepts were a bit hard to grasp and implement. I found the labs and quizzes quite hard and spent a lot of time revising for them. -2 points for the stress this module brought me.

Overall rating: 7/10
Final Comments: Good mod to take if you want to actually learn about CV, but be prepared to study hard

CS3237 Internet of Things (CS mod)
Grading format: 6 Labs (total 25%), group project (75%)

The first 6 weeks of content was on machine learning and deep learning, while the remaining weeks were on energy and power management in devices. The group project only starts in the 2nd half of the semester. We were each given bluetooth sensors to apply what we’ve learnt. I don’t feel like I really learnt a lot (compared to other mods), but the group project was manageable and fun.

Overall rating: 6/10
Final Comments: Chill mod, find good group mates for the project

IS3150 Digital Media Marketing (CS mod)
Grading format: 4 Quizzes (total 30%), Group Project (40%), Assignments (20%), Class Participation (10%)

I really enjoyed this mod! The content covered the start to finish of digital marketing really well. The group project also involved partnering with companies to help them execute their digital marketing. Assignments and quizzes were all manageable. There was not a lot of coding involved in this module and focused more on the creation and execution of marketing strategies.

Overall rating: 9/10
Final Comments: I really recommend this module if you are interested in digital marketing 🙂

NM1101E Communications, New Media and Society (HASS mod)
Grading format: Midterms Quiz, Finals Quiz and group project

I found the content to be quite straightforward, it touched on communication theories and the new media landscape. I did the readings for the first few weeks but realised that the lecturer was summarising the readings in the lectures (so I stopped for the subsequent weeks). Group project was solving a problem theoretically and substantiating it with new media theories.

Overall rating: 6.5/10
Final Comments: Not bad, learnt quite a bit because I paid attention during lectures, just that content is a bit dry

GEH1016 Understanding Consumption (HASS mod)
Grading format: 2 Essays, 1 Debate and group project

This mod covered all the different aspects of consumption (psychology, business, ethics, etc). I thought that it’s content was pretty decent. Readings were a bit tough but essential to do essays + follow along in lectures. I spent quite a lot of time on the group project (we couldn’t choose our groups and I didn’t want to burden my groupmates).

Overall rating: 7/10
Final Comments: The more memorable and interesting HASS module, but spent more time completing assignments

That’s all I have to share, I hope this review helps you in your decision making process! 🙂

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