Hello everyone,

Very quickly, it is already nearly the end of my trip to Tokyo. Very sadly indeed, I will definitely miss this place!

This week, I visited a Bonodori festival where I saw many people dressed in Yukatas and performing synchronized dance steps to music. I also ate loads of festival food, like this candy:

I also ate Ichiran ramen (overrated in my opinion but the broth is good):

I also went to Harajuku for the first time and had crepe!

Finally, I went for a fireworks festival! The location was very crowded. Fortunately my friend arrived at 1pm to reserve seats even though the fireworks was from 730pm to 830pm (Yes, 1 hour of non stop fireworks).

Look at how many people there are!

The fireworks were really beautiful:

The wind was blowing the dust towards us so here’s a photo showing how dusty the place was! Look at the light from the phone.

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