Although we had just finished the program’s second recess week, but some of us didn’t went on to travel and continue to work on projects. Therefore, I decided to have a little trip to ZhangJiaJie this week and so I grabbed our beloved teammate – Chia Yik, and a friend – Sean who both stayed in during recess week. Due to budget and time constraint, we bought the cheapest train ticket from Hangzhou and to ZhangJiaJie and it was an overnight 18 hours train ride on a non-adjustable hard seat. You might wonder whether this train has WiFi or personal charging port, well you get none of that, imagine how you will spend your 18 hours hoho in cabin.

After we came back from the trip, we got right back into creating the UIUX for the app and also continue working on the poster, reports and other deliveries to be submitted at the end of the program. I was adding all the icons to the UIButton and animations to some of the UIButton so that it gives the app lively look. Also, I was experimenting with the color choice to be used on the app. Maybe orange because it represents excitement /creativity and yellow because it represents happiness?


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